To celebrate the production of Trustworth Wallpapers we are very pleased to introduce the first annual set of calendar pages for 2005. They represent the best of the year's new pattern production. These 11" X 14" pages offer a delightful way to travel through the year while looking at great Arts and Crafts period patterns that are available as wallpaper for your home or office. We at Trustworth Studios, not a little shamelessly, hope and believe that if you peer at our patterns long enough, oh say 30 or more days, you may find that you might like to include these designs as a more permanent part of your surroundings. Just a thought mind you, please feel free to enjoy the calendars relatively guilt free. To that end we have freed you from the encumbrances of lunar phases, pointless holidays and other practical baggage.

Trustworth Calendars are printed on actual wallpaper stock and are available for $36.00 plus postage of $4.75 each within the United States.